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Naiss Links to great things !

Sega-16 This place is my home on the Internet. Lots of awesome content and the best forum there has ever been !
DeadFish Shitware Site of a friend of mine. Home of VGMplay and other great things ! Home of a friend of mine who has done some supercool stuff ! Also Zaku is awesome !
Jax's Web 1.0 page Another site of a friend of mine. There's lot of cool projects and reading material over there !
Charles MacDonald's Home Page Home of one great guy who loves naiss videogame hardware. There are some great docs to be found on that place !
SpritesMind A lot of MD dev info here, and the forum to go to about anything relating to Mega Drive !
SMSpower! Everything about Master System, Game Gear and the two other oldies you could ever want to know. Extensive development section and very friendly forum among other things !
NESDEV forums There's always some cool thougths and information there about NES (and sometimes SNES too) !
NFG / GameSX Bunch of good resources when you want to dabble in game console modifications !
Devster Specialities Weird site by a weird guy, but there's some nice stuff here and there and its the home of BasiEgaXorz !
ASSEMblerGames Place where there's lot of gaming stuff going on, on all fronts. It is also home of a lot of talented people aswell as goodies that may never see light of day otherwise !
Project2612 There is no other place with so many VGM files of MD, 32X and MegaCD games !
VGM rips Steadily growing place where you can find lot of Arcade, PC, MSX and other machine's music in VGM format.
Sonic Retro Lot of Sonic related stuff going on here, lot of interesting people and ideas, aswell as different hacks and whatnot.
Sonic Stuff Research Group Kind of like Sonic Retro, but does not buzz as much, it is also home of a lot of interesting people and projects.
Microsoft Software Forums Network A ton of info on anything Microsoft. I am mostly only visiting the Win9x section, lot of awesome things happen in that part !
Discogs Want to buy or sell music ? Want info on your favorite artists ? This is the place to get all of that !
Fantasy Radio My favorite internet radio station ! Lots of italo music, some good some not so good but still great for your ears !
Sandra and Woo ! Very humorous and likable stuff, I had a lot of chuckles when I went through it !
Jan's Comics College Catastrophe and Swords & Sausages are both super awesome !
SoundCloud Nice place to put music and stuff to, aswell as listen too. Home of many great artists !
Suigyodo online ! Home of Basic Schematic and Minimal Board Editor, probably two best pieces of electronics software I have ever used ! Interesting place that has lot of schematics of various Yamaha chips, all Japanese.
The S Files Home of the most awesome BOFH ! Check out the other areas too, there is a lot of great humor on the site !
KuvatooooooooN Lots of funny pics, a lot taken from other sites. But this one is just pics, no annoying ads and stuff ! Even more funny pics, and some awesome environmental themed ones. Well worth spending time on ! Also check out the WTF section :P:P:P
Poorly Drawn Dinosaurs ! Seems this place has gone poof after a while of no activity... RIP
Dadhacker Lots of tech stories and experiences. Super enjoyable and often humorous !
Wulff and Morgenthaler Holy carp ! You will never ever get tired on this place ! It is full of gold of all kind !
MDGX Max Speed All imaginable tricks, tips and resources to make your Windows or DOS setup run much smoother !
The Oatmeal ! Great humor in several forms !
Tim's Projects 'n' Stuff Home of several lovely things including (but not limited to) SMS FM, N64 RGB, GG RGB !
Ripple Dot Zero ! Probably the most awesome Flash game ever. Penguin with giant sneakers that jetpacks around in breathtaking environments. Super smooth controls and awesome music, easily my game of the year !
Future Driver ! Bunch of awesome MD stuff, both hardware and software. Mostly Japanese though.
Eidolon's Inn One of the oldest Sega related sites around with archive of goodies. Also home of Kega Fusion emulatior !
Fool's Design Nice little forum targetting stuff that isn't designed in a nice way, also home of Win98 and Me unofficial service packs.
Tech talk, cold comfort Tech stuff, of all kinds. Got something messed up ? Help is on the way... Want real news ? Look no further ! Home of various cool things too !
NXP Package Outlines Tons of PDFs with standard IC packages information.
Silicon Zoo ! Tons of photos of various not so functional but still awesome to look at artwork on IC dies !
Lagom LCD Test Page Extremely awesome site to see how bad your LCD is at its business !
Subnormality ! Incredibly awesome comic series with lots of text and great point within ! Easy to sink maaaaany hours into and carve for more !
Bittersweet Candy Bowl ! Cats and dogs and awesome stuff inbetween ! Lots of laughs and tension here and there, incredibly likable characters !
Download Windows Drivers Not an ad ! Most awesome place to get windows drivers from !
Heavy Weapon Incredibly awesome graphic novel depicting things you would see in the most awesome 80's action movies with all their gory glory and oneliners ! Get it now, it's worth every penny ! *insert oneliner about it getting you instead and making you something else in a brutal way*
ChaosLife Awesome series about lives of two great people and their cats and occasional fun stuff that will make you smile !
Cutbu Flatulence jokes and bunch of other stuff that is incredibly funny !
Pleasurize music ! Take steps to make the world of music a much better place !
Freedom Planet ! Home of an awesome game called Freedom Planet, by GalaxyTrail Games. Awesome visuals, music, characters and all else you can think of, it has it all ! It is so well executed and always in progress and getting better and better, play the demo right now, it kicks some very serious rear !
Unofficial Win98 support site As the title says ! It is in Czech language, but the files are all gold and well worth the download and mirroring !
Neuton Mouse This is home of a guy that makes music of total awesomeness ! Grab that CD, it is gold ! Also take some looks around, there's other interesting things :) Listen, rate and download all kind of awesome music modules from your browser !
The Best Page in the Universe ! Bold claim ? Possibly, but it most certainly kicks enough ass to justify it. It really is most awesome !
Happy Jar Awesome humor, not a whole lot more to say. I had maaaaaany laughs going through that one and hope to get many more !
Semiconductor History Museum of Japan Read about the world of semiconductors from the Japanese standpoint. Bunch of great info, well worth the read !
26b/6 Some of the must fun things I have ever read !
The Self Site Ton of sound related info and a whole bunch of humor. There's some other stuff too but I haven't looked at them much...
Obsolete Technology Tellye ! Whole lot of cool information about anything CRT TVs !
Curtailed Incredibly funny comic about two fuzzy creatures and their doings ~~~
Freefall Incredible webcomic I was introduced to. Awesome story and characters, it is all so incredibly well thought out and satisfies my inner nerd to the max hahaha.
Wait ...What ? Comic full of puns and other fun stuff. So many laughs await you !
Space Avalanche This kind of humor pushes all the right buttons of mine, endless laughs await hahahahahahahahahahaha
Metropoli BBS Filled with software and drivers of the older times ! Fire up your 386 or perhaps something older and have some fun :D
PCB Shopper Find the best price for your prototyping needs ! Mega excellent site for likes of me hahahahaha
NOCASH FUNWARE Home of some great emulators and great documentation ! Hats off to that guy for making proper high performance software ~
Mode 5 games Place where you can find some nice Mega Drive goodies ~
Edward D-Tech Link to a bigass list of Yamaha chips, but the rest of the site is awesome too so check it out !
diyAudio Giant forum of everything homemade and sound ! Lots of information, pics and discussions !
Oddly Developed Types I'm quite into this whole personality types stuff, and this is one of the better sites with a bunch of meaty facts and such. Also you got to take a look at the comics section and postapocalyptic survival pages, they're incredibly fun :D
DomestiCats Another webcomic, about two cats and their doings. Lots of cute and fun :D
Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages Whole bunch of schematics and great info about electronics of mostly the sound variety ! Really worth the read if you got time !
Virtualnői muzei i spravodznik otetzevtennaja radiotehnika 20 veka Tons of info about all sorts of soviet union radio, TV, sound and other electronics.
BlastEm - The fast and accurate Genesis emulator Home of currently the most accurate Mega Drive emulator :D
Lenovo EOL product resource This is the place you go to get drivers and whatnot for all the old and oldass IBM and Lenovo machines.
Very old games on new systems Whole lot of retro hardware and software info, home of couple nice projects too. Make your 386 useful again ~
Online resistor, capacitor calculator Nifty site with resistor and capacitor values calculator and also sheets of those pesky EIA surface mounted resistors codes !
they can talk A really funny comic about animals of all sorts, many laughs await ~
Just Another Electronics Blog Blog with electronics stuff, often FPGA related but also other goodies, that one fox I know is running ~
Ultimate Retro Modern replacement to "Total Hardware 99", place to find your oldass motherboard or something else and any related info to it. Will also slowly include photos and BIOS images too !
Amibay - the retro computer trading post Place to buy, sell and trade variety of retro computer hardware, I occasionally sell some of the stuff I have made over there too ~
Ken Shirrif's blog Blog with some really great hardware things and some other bits too !
Eatmypaint Very funny webcomic made in MS-Paint ~
Dick's No, not a naughty place, but instead a place with many useful things such as theory and calculation stuff for ferrite cores, among others ~ Awesome resource on and of decapsulation of variety of chips so that their secrets can be uncovered and future of them preserved ~