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those fumes are superb !

This is my super work in progress site, which will grow to host gigabytes of photos and content from my various electronical and software ventures.
Expect HiFi audio, Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and Master System software and many more things !

(not gonna happen anytime soon lololololololol)

Updates and such

27.02.2022 * I only now got the idea to write this : Fuck Putin with a cactus into every bodily orifice that creature has !
* Heads are finally exiting from rectums and Ukraine is starting to get more support that they should have had days ago.
* I hope all my friends who live there will come out of this alive and make that dick-tator suffer the most humiliating defeat ~
Fuck yes ! LOL
02.01.2022 * Häppy mew year !
* GF was visiting for almost 2 weeks, I wish it could have been longer ~
* I have implemented bandwidth limiting, with 24KB/sec per IP and up to 4 connections per IP. There's been a too significant reduction in performance to normal users which is the only reason this got done.
* I need a new tabletlaptop, a kittycat has managed to step on the screen and break it :(
20.11.2021 * Another "keep alive" packet lol.
* I have reached 32 bits a week ago or so.
* I have recently seen several mirroring activities going on, at least of some parts of the site. While I am all for preserving info etc., it does take a toll on this particular site, it runs on very modest hardware on a home connection and these bulk downloads make things slow for everyone else. If you are doing such an activity give a speed cap of some couple tens of KB/sec so that others will not have to suffer or better yet, contact me and I'll mail you a DVD or something with relevant content. As long as I am alive, none of this stuff goes anywhere though there will be occasional offline moments due to nature of this service, also not helped by these archival attemps lol.
16.01.2021 * Just a minor update saying I'm not dead yet lol
* I am 31 now, I don't have corona, except for the beer in my fridge that I'll drink once I have been vaccinated.
* I'm most pleased the government coalition in my country collapsed recently and new one is being formed.
* I hope to get time to work on my own stuff again very soon, my hands have been so full of work things...
27.05.2020 * Guess who is still alive ? I am ! LOL
* Virus seems not to have had any significant effect on my wellbeing, Estonia seems to be doing good all things considered.
02.11.2019 * Bunch of unexpected downtime, this time due to modem router giving away the server's IP in the LAN to some other device for some reason. Some settings were lost the first time it happened, maybe ISP was remotely mucking with the config at some point... Hopefully stuff works now.
16.08.2019 * The server kicked the bucket, and I began to upgrade to another hardware... the process was not successful... BUT I found the problem, PSU was full of burst caps. I'm back to old hardware with the new PSU and hopefully stuff will function for a little while longer ~
08.06.2019 * Lightning storm when I wasn't at home caused some downtime. Things are back in working order now ~
30.03.2019 * Migration to the new place is completed for the server... kind of. It died on the way, result was bad capcacitors and since my work desk wasn't quite available it took a while to get things up and running once again lol. Now for DNS hell to complete...
14.03.2019 * This place is gonna go offline for a bit sometime this month due to upcoming move later this month. I'm not sure how long it will take to get internet in the new place but it will be from same ISP and same type so things should be painless.
* Sound card business is halted due to receiving some fake parts from China. I'm working on an alternative solution though which will solve that problem but it won't be a thing for a while longer.
02.02.2019 * Poetry : If I imagine anything, anything is possible. -Tiido
19.01.2019 * Häppy mew year !
* I got some interesting news in the beginning of the year, the place I'm in will get sold. Sooner or later I'm gonna have to move, this place will be unavailable during the move.
* I was in Norway for a month like during previous years.
* I really would like a cat now hahaha. I had good exposure to them when I was helping the GF at the cat shelter while in Norway ~
01.10.2018 * The domain has been renewed for another year, 6 years total already !
18.07.2018 * The cool things behind the scenes have been revealed !
13.07.2018 * Contact info has updated a bit.
* Some cool things are happening behind the scenes, it'll be seen soon <3
03.06.2018 * Web service software has been updated !
26.05.2018 * A note about the GDPR thing. This site "collects" the following information about you or whoever else visits this place :
+ There is a brief entry in the recent activity log which shows what IP that activity came from and what sort of activity it was (i.e file was being downloaded). That log isn't kept for more than few minutes.
+ FTP activity is presistently logged by both IP and username used for the activities. This log is inspected and deleted every few months.
+ Those logs are not accessible outside physical access to the server itself via keyboard and mouse.
+ If you made some FTP activity here and wish for me to delete the log you will have to let me know. Contact info is found easily.
04.04.2018 * Unsceduled software maintenance happened. For some reason most images weren't showing up...
* I am working on some fancy sound cards for retro computers !
* This place has a bit over 5 years of uptime now, and sadly 100+ day run got interrupted by this incident...
03.02.2018 * I have finally done a backup of the entire server... backup of backups lol
18.01.2018 * Häppy mew year !
* I'm bäck in Estonia now, I was away for a month in Norway. I miss that one nurrwegian a whole lot...
17.11.2017 * I turned 28 some days ago !
* I now have a 37" 4:3 CRT TV ! Such a great workout to get it to 5th floor...
* I'm making 600ish PCBs for a friend, 100ish are done now, 500ish more to go !
* My favorite Norwegian has been visiting for about 2 months now <3
23.08.2017 * 5 years have passed since this place went live for the first time !
29.06.2017 * Norway is awesome, I want to go there more ~
* I touched the server and it crashed, several months of uptime got reset lol
* I still miss one Norwegian very very very much <3
17.01.2017 * Häppy mew year lol :3
* Had a great trip to Norway and Sweden ~
* I miss one Norwegian very very much <3
02.10.2016 *Renewed the domain for 2 more years ~
22.09.2016 *Still not dead lol !
Juua tahan...
30.05.2016 *Still not dead yet !
*I have a girlfriend now !
*I won't have a job soon !
*I like exclamation marks !
07.02.2016 *I'm not dead yet !
*I have a full time job now, garbage bag making machine operator ! 12 hour shifts, two days work, two days off. Coemter T-Roll 13090 !
12.11.2015 *Level up day ! I'm one less year young now.
*A little gift from a friend : I'm so happy ~
*And one more : *blush*
14.10.2015 *The OS blew up yesterday after I moved the hardware physically into the other room... no clue why it happened or how but it is sorted out again !
*I missed the birthday of this place lol.
16.09.2015 *Massive hardware and software upgrade :
1.4GHz PIII-S -> 2.2GHz Athlon64
768MB PC133 -> 2048MB DDR400
Tricked out Win98SE -> Tricked out Windows ME
The upgrade wasn't as smooth as I hoped but never the less it is done now !
*I will have to do a bit of testing, I've already found some issues and taken care of them but I'm sure there will be few more hiding somewhere...
*I'll take pics and stuff of the new guts and possibly even get some pages updated or added here lol. /lazycat
15.07.2015 *Small update, I injured myself lol : I cut my finger lol
29.06.2015 *Still not dead lol
13.01.2015 *Happy new year ! I hope 2015 has been good to you !
*My ISP has gone nuts and my IP has changed like 6 times in couple hours... I hope things stabilize soon...
*Updated the web server software to the most current at the time of writing.
*Hardware upgrade is being planned. I'll have to see if an Athlon 64 is good option.
08.12.2014 *I am not dead !
*I have turned 25 last month... wow time flies !
*This place is over 2 years old also !
*There has been lot of art, but vast majority of you aren't ready to see it...
*I may have to move elsewhere in not too far future, this means this place will be unavailable depending on internet situation whereever I may end up going to. I'll probably end up renting a server for a while to keep existing stuff accessible. There's plenty of GBytes of data to move though...
*I have made some wonderful friends ~~~~~
*I have a lump on my jaw, but it turned out to be a massive infection rather than something far worse. Click here for something naiss lol
*I cannot see schit anymore, after teeth are fixed I'm gonna get some glasses made. I think they'll look good on me.
20.05.2014 *I injured myself a bit and it has incapacitated me, or at least this was the case for a while.
*Seems this place has been invisible for at least a week. It should be fixed now.
*Due to my half-deadness I have had almost no presence on the internet, or at home for the matter lol. This will change soon.
06.04.2014 *Looks like system uptime figure resets every almost 50 days... LOL
*Give this place some love :
Tech talk, cold comfort.
04.04.2014 *The modem settings were lost during software update and server was invisible for a bit.... grrrrr....
29.03.2014 *I am still alive !
*44 days of uptime ! I stopped using freeDNS a while ago and seems the update software I used had a memory leak that killed the server every 20 days.
*When the machine crashes or something I will install the newest service pack.
13.11.2013 *Service Pack 3.28 installed successfully !
12.11.2013 *I am 24 now !
*CD in a microwave is fun !
26.10.2013 *I AM NOT DEAD !
*Mobo death has been taken care of for a long time now : RUBY-9719VG2AR is the new mobo !
*I had to buy RAM and CPU for it. 2GB DDR800 and an E7300.
*I ordered a better CPU for my laptop - a ML-40 to replace the ML-30.
*The laptop died so I could not use that CPU.
*Ordered replacement bottom half to revive the laptop.
*That bottom half had same CPU as I ordered in it already LOL.
*The CPU seller was a nice guy and I could return it for a refund.
*After a month of neglect I finally repaired my brothers computer and made back money that went into reviving the laptop.
*I discovered Subnormality and that stuff is beyond awesome !
*I discovered Bittersweet Candy Bowl and that stuff has got me hooked !
27.08.2013 *I have a new mobo !
*This place had an anniversary some days ago !
*I am exceedingly busy !
14.07.2013 *Good news everyone ! My computer mobo died :/
Ai miss juu !
RAM voltage regulator is shot, I ordered replacement parts already but they'll take a while to arrive.
12.07.2013 *DNS software works once again.
*I had a ton of problems getting server visible to outside world once more thanks to the retarded DOCSIS modem thingy...
*The server is now sporting a lovely Intel Pro/1000CT NIC ^^
18.06.2013 *My DNS updating software stopped working... the server it uses for external IP detection is gone. This means I have to manually update stuff... luckily my IP changes rarely.
31.05.2013 *Thunderstorms everywhere ! That means offline time !
21.04.2013 *The server is running smoothly once again !
*Made templates of all the pages in preparation to add content :O
18.04.2013 *There was bad RAM in the server and that was the couse of the corrupt OS and other data !
*Process of restoring everything is in progress, everything is smooth so far !
15.04.2013 *There's gonna be some planned downtime for couple of days, I got to reinstall the OS.
08.04.2013 *I am still not dead !
25.02.2013 *I am not dead !
*I have written a really accurate Yamaha OPN2 FM chips family emulator !
*I am also working on a kickass sound tool !
*That fuxxing dog shut up that you are in the other apartment ! Eat chocolate and die !
18.01.2013 *After a bunch of downtime to ensure everything is stable we are back !
15.01.2013 *Tomorrow I will do a very significant upgrade to this server :
+1TB of storage space !
+newer mobo !
+better RAM !
+new OS installation !
21.12.2012 *Happy end of the world !
*I really need to update this place...
15.11.2012 *Server died ! It stopped POSTing !
*I am right nom running on a trash machine I got from my neighbor for helping him... but this aint no trash, its a 1.4GHz Tualatin ! And amazingly it fits the power budget ! The server looks like this right now :
Heheheeee what a mess !
12.11.2012 *I am 23 now !
31.10.2012 *768MB of RAM installed !
30.10.2012 *Another CPU upgrade !
28.10.2012 *Finally back online !!!
*As I said before, there was a very significant hardware upgrade :
+New motherboard
+New CPU
+More RAM
+Better NIC
*Pics of the new parts will be put on the About page soon.
27.10.2012 *This has been such a disaster but it is running now ! Software installs are being made !
26.10.2012 *Unplanned system hardware upgrade More details later !
25.10.2012 *I added a banner to support usonians so some crappy laws have less chance of passing ! I could not quite get it cover my logo though...
23.10.2012 *Service Pack 3.9 successfully installed ! Many thanks to PROBLEMCHYLD for compiling this great package of awesome !
20.10.2012 *School eats my time hahaha
15.10.2012 *Townwide power failure caused the outage. My DNS update software did not start on the server...
11.10.2012 *Updated about page a little.
*Most software stuff has been taken care of.
10.10.2012 *New hardware installed !
*New OS installed !
*Lots of storage !
*Shitton of installs and configuration to do.......
09.10.2012 *Serious downtime will happen in very near future :
+Silicon Image SIL3112 based SATA RAID card will end up in use.
+Naiss increase of storage by utilizing pair of good 250GB Seagate HDDs.
+I will be reinstalling all of the programs and OS, for maximum awesome.
*Server is under heavy load right now, backup of everything is in progress !
08.10.2012 *Did some unplanned maintenance, nothing serious.
*I am thinking on replacing current storage system with Sil3112 based SATA solution.
*Did some behind the scene changes that will help with the growth of this place ^^
06.10.2012 *I registered a domain ! This place is now officially tied to !
04.10.2012 *I will do some maintenance later today when I get back from work :
+Change RAM to reduce power use a little. FAIL, new RAM was accepted at half capacity so old went back in
+Install a new Service Pack. SUCCESS
02.10.2012 *Life has prevented me from adding new content...
*Added a new page to the weird stuff part.
*Server uptime is over 22 days now !
19.09.2012 *Made some behind the scenes changes that make nav-menu slightly better.
*Server uptime is over 9 days now !
08.09.2012 *Added some banners to the links page and began working on a new page.
*Other Stuff link is live now.
*First uncategorized page added to the mix !
07.09.2012 *Added Nice Links page and now I am expanding it.
06.09.2012 *Added this timeline-update-thingy.
05.09.2012 *Finally got modem-router beaten, FTP stuff should finally work right !
0x.09.2012 *Added photos of most individual components of the server to the About page.
02.09.2012 *Re-capped the motherboard of the server and took some photos.
xx.08.2012 *Added the about page.
28.08.2012 *Finished off the VFD aka navigation panel.
27.08.2012 *Downloaded all of my Fileden files and made a mirror (I removed some files though).
25.08.2012 *Re-capped the PSU, it should last a while now.
23.08.2012 *This place went live.
*Many problems with FTP software.
*Probably ton of reboots when trying out different experimental updates.

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